Sunday, November 9, 2014

Prep Work

Fall is here and bird season too!  Daddy has been doing some preliminary work with me in the backyard.  I need to be ready to help out and do my part in retrieving birds!  I LOVE receiving Daddy's undivided attention and I LOVE the training duck!!!!

Someone else had to do a little prep work as well . . . Mommy!   Daddy wanted her to take the state's hunter safety course.  I think he's afraid that on the off chance something horrible happens to me while I'm in his care, he doesn't want to have to break the news to Mommy.  His solution to this highly unlikely problem is to take Mommy along for the hunt.  I think she's supposed to be my dawg-sitter.

Mommy wasn't thrilled with the idea of taking the class, but only because it was held during the evenings of the first week of school!  She was also a bit nervous about having to take a test.  The fact that twelve-year-olds would be in her class kind of freaked her out as well.  She's quite used to tests and twelve-year-olds, but from a totally different perspective!

She need not have worried.  She put all of those study skills she teaches her students to work and passed with flying colors.  She only missed one question and was really bummed out about it.  I heard her discussing the question she missed with Daddy.  I personally think she could make a case with the state over the answer.  No matter what, she PASSED!  Look out world, she can be licensed to hunt now!

Here's to bird season!

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