Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Herd of Dinosaurs

Recently Mommy thought she smelled something a bit "off" in the house.  It was specifically coming from the area of the toy box.  She is terribly paranoid on a frequent basis that the house smells because of us three dawgs.  I have no idea why she would think that!  We smell absolutely wonderful!  If the house smells because of us, then it smells wonderful too.  Mommy is always asking our grandparents when they visit, and they assure her it smells fine.  Either it's really fine, or they are being polite for Mommy's sake.

Mommy was taking no chances, so she decided to throw all of our toys into the wash.  When they reached the dryer, you would have thought the house was falling down from the sounds emanating from the laundry room.  We have A LOT of toys, and they made quite a bit of noise tumbling around and around.

I thought the noise sounded like a herd of dinosaurs.  Actually, there really were two dinosaurs in the mix.  And a zebra.  And a fox.  And a skunk.  A dalmatian, giraffe, weasel, donkey, butterfly, lots of knotted ropes, and our blankets.  I might be leaving some of our friends out . . .

We have quite a stash of toys that keeps us busy when we're playing inside.  Mommy does wonder if we have too many, but then she remembers her furniture has no teeth marks.  And the carpet is in one piece.  And the pillows aren't frayed.  And she knows we have just the right amount of toys . . . until Christmas or our next birthday!

Wonder what animal will join us next?

PS: Happy Birthday, Grandaddy!  Please don't think the title has anything to do with your birthday.  It's just a coincidence!  Seriously!

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