Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Wonderland or Winter Hades??

You know by now that Mommy and Daddy have two very different outlooks on snow.  I'm sure if Mommy had a different job her thoughts on snow might not be as kind.  But maybe they'd be the same.  Grandma still goes to work in the snow, but that doesn't stop her from LOVING it!  Of course, she only sees snow every once in a blue moon where she lives, so geography might influence her opinion.  I guess some people are just winter people and some aren't!  I'm sure the same can be said for dawgs, but thankfully we are all winter dawgs here!

Mommy had a snow day just ten days ago and is having another today.  We never showed you what we ended up with at the time.  We had five inches of snow that Monday followed by an ice storm on Wednesday morning.  Amazingly, Mommy only had a two hour delay after the ice storm!  We were blessed to have power after the ice; most of our area didn't for about five days!

Yep.  Still going to work with this on the car!  [sigh]  The joys of living in Yankeeland!

This tree is just down the road from the house.  

One of our arborvitae trees bent over with ice . . . hasn't broken yet, but hasn't stood up yet either.

The Yankee version of Spanish moss??

As of this morning we had about 8-10 inches of snow and it was still coming down!  That might mean a second snow day for Mommy tomorrow . . . maybe!  Crossing our paws, but kissing her spring break goodbye!

Grandma always says she wants it to snow "knee-deep to a giraffe."  
Wonder what she thinks about belly-deep?

Please pray Daddy makes it home from work okay this evening.  It looked like he took an extra change of clothes with him.  But that can't be right.  Who will clean off the driveway if Mommy has to go to work tomorrow?  If Daddy doesn't return, she might hook a snow plow to us and put us to work.  Are there dawg labor laws to prevent that??  Something to look into today . . .

Happy Snow Day!
Hunter, Dixie & Jenna

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