Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Heart's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  (or "Happy VD" as Daddy likes to say!)  We hope you have a day full of sweet treats.  (Feel free to share some with us!)

We thought we'd share the results of our most recent photo session with you.  Mommy loves to send Valentines to our family, so that calls for some great pictures.  She did not start off trying to get one of the three of us together (she's smarter than that!), but we just kind of posed together so she went for it.  Unfortunately, the lighting is bad in one and the other is a tiny bit blurry.  Oh well.  We tried to make it happen for her.  You'd think she could live up to her end of the deal!

Jenna was practically a "one and done" girl for this shoot . . . when she wasn't trying to get her mouth on that paper heart!

Dixie was another story.  Mommy really liked this picture best since it looks like the sweet girl Dixie is, 
but Dixie isn't looking at the camera . . . 

Dixie is looking at the camera here, but Mommy thought Dixie looked like she was in a police line-up!
What do you think?

Better, but still not looking at the camera!  Also, Dixie tends to have a tortured look in many of her pictures.
I can't imagine why . . . 

Mommy finally settled for this one!  Not great, not bad, not too tortured . . . just alert!

I personally liked this picture of me best.  It shows off my slim and trim figure!
It reminds Mommy of some she took of me when I was only a few years old.  

This is the picture Mommy chose since I look so happy!  
(Yep, happy this torture session is almost over!)

We hope you have a terrific Valentine's Day!  (Full of chocolate and not photo sessions!)  Don't forget to give your pooch a smooch!

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