Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gingerbread Valentine

While our company was here during the holidays, Mommy had a great idea for her and Miss C to make a gingerbread house decorated for Valentine's Day.  Miss C and her family didn't arrive until after Christmas Day, so it was kind of pointless to make one in red and green.  Instead, they used red and pink on their house.

Mimi gave Mommy this house a few years ago for Christmas (at Mommy's request), and it is the best gingerbread house ever.  It is made of plastic and can be put in the dishwasher when you're finished with it!  How easy is that??  At this point, I begin to fantasize that my name is Dishwasher and that I will have a chance to give it a thorough cleaning . . . [sigh]

Miss C and Mommy had such a good time decorating the house.  Dixie, Hunter, and I had such a good time drooling over the house.  We camped out under the table and at each person's elbow hoping good things would fall our way.  I knew I could count on Miss C; she dropped a few bites for us on purpose from time to time.  She even let us lick the icing off her hands.  Is she a great gal or what?

She was also a very sweet gal.  Mommy kept asking Miss C what she wanted on the house, until Miss C finally reminded her, "It's your house too, Aunt J.  What do you want?"

Before you go getting crazy ideas in your head, that is DIXIE in this next picture!  She was caught hanging out in the dining room just sitting there whining . . . NOT ME!!!  (Turns out there was a tennis ball under the table, but she was whining near the house nonetheless!)

Only ten more days until Valentine's Day has come and gone.  Perhaps I can find a judge to officially change my name to Dishwasher before then?  Either that, or convince Mommy to start decorating for St. Patrick's Day!

Dishwasher Gal Jenna

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