Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's All Fun & Games . . .

Mommy is a big fan of the phrase, "It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone!"  I personally cannot believe she likes that phrase considering my history.  I've had to wear the cone TWICE with my knee surgeries and there is NOTHING fun about it!

We now have a new phrase at our house: it's all fun and games until someone goes over the fence!  I personally think it's all MOMMY'S FAULT!!  I'm sure you will agree when you hear what happened.  We were outside playing in the snow on one of our recent snow days.  Mommy threw the frisbee for Jenna and it went sailing over the fence into the yard behind our house.  This has happened before, but not with a foot of snow on the ground!

At first, Mommy thought it was cute.  Jenna and Dixie were both standing on their hind legs trying to see over the fence.  You know Mommy; she thought she needed to capture a picture of their cuteness . . . well, she might think twice about pulling out her camera from now on!  Before she could snap the picture, even before I could see for myself what was going on, Dixie decided to show Jenna who was top dawg!  Over the fence Dixie went!!!

Mommy quickly followed Dixie and went over the fence too.  (This was pretty easy for her because the snow was so tall.)  Dixie was in heaven.  She had a huge yard to run around in all by herself!  I was a little stressed.  So was Jenna.  I wanted Mommy back on my side of the fence.  I think Jenna just wanted the frisbee back.  Dixie was a mad woman running around and totally ignoring Mommy's commands.  Mommy kept trying to get Dixie close to the fence so she could help Dixie get back over, but it took a while.

Mommy said she kept looking around the neighbor's yard for another option, but there really wasn't any.  The gate to the neighbor's fence is on the far side of the yard, and if it's like our gate, it won't open due to the tons of snow piled in front of it!  Mommy finally got her hands on the frisbee and sent it back over the fence to its rightful side.  She hoped Dixie would follow the frisbee, but no such luck.  It took longer for Mommy to get her hands on Dixie.  FINALLY, Dixie put her paws up on the fence and Mommy took the opportunity to grab Dixie's rear end and throw it over the fence!

This fiasco brought back lots of memories from when Dixie was a tiny puppy and kept escaping under the fence to the neighbor's yard.  I think Dixie wanted to dig her way back into the yard, but that was't possible thanks to Daddy's fence mending a couple years ago.  I think we were all relieved when Mommy, Dixie, and the frisbee were all in their proper places!  So the next time you go out to play, just remember: it's all fun and games until someone goes over the fence!


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