Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cabin Fever

Have you ever had cabin fever?  We don't actually live in a cabin, but we were definitely feeling the pressure of this dreaded disease last weekend.  Mommy had two snow days in a row and then had President's Day off too!  (It was so bad, even she will tell you she should have gone to school Monday!)

We did what all of the other neighbors were doing to combat this sickness:

We made hot chocolate . . . well, WE did not actually get to enjoy that delectable liquid, but Mommy sure did.  She even broke out her largest mug for the occasion.  It's twice as tall as the other mugs in the cabinet. Daddy bought this for her when they lived in Minnesota.  It's big enough for all three required ingredients: the hot chocolate, the marshmallows (in French vanilla snowman shapes), and a splash of Bailey's Irish Cream to top it off!  Apparently, once you add all of that goodness, you need a BIG mug!  Again, WE wouldn't know! If only I could get my paws on that mug . . . [sigh]

We played outside every day!  

We had SNOW much fun, but we didn't know if we were coming or going!

Once the weekend hit and Daddy didn't have to go to work, he came out to play too.  We built a Pinterest-inspired upside down snowman.  It looks normal sized by itself . . .

. . . until you see all of us around it.  Well, four of us are present.  Dixie was hanging back waiting for us to be finished so she could resume tennis ball fetching!  Fifteen inches of snow was not holding her back.  Don't Hunter and I look thrilled to be included?

If you've had snow the past few days, we hope you haven't caught the dreaded cabin fever.  But if you have, just follow the doctor's orders and do what we did!


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