Friday, February 7, 2014

Are You Enjoying Your Toys?

What did you receive for Christmas?  It already seems like it was fur-ever ago!  Grandma gave each of us a new toy for Christmas.  We each received a flat "stuffed" animal (can you call it that if it's flat??).  The great thing about the animals is that you can enjoy it in its flat state or you can insert an empty water bottle for lots of LOUD, CRACKLING enjoyment!  Daddy prefers the flat state; Mommy doesn't mind either.

I don't know what it is about the sound of a water bottle, but I LOVE it!  When I was an only child, I was given empty water bottles all the time.  I don't think it drove Daddy as crazy when there was only one bottle, but when Mommy has to dole out three bottles, it drives him NUTS!!  I love bottles so much that when we went to the dawg park I would sometimes try to steal other people's water bottles!  They would be walking around minding their own business and holding their bottles down by their sides and I just couldn't help myself . . . it was right there, ripe for the picking!  If they didn't want me to go for it, they should have held it higher, right?  Mommy was quite embarrassed.

Recently Mommy indulged my love and gave each of us a water bottle in our new flat animals.  I was so good with mine.  I crunched it over and over and never once tried to remove the water bottle from the animal.  My sisters . . . not so much!

Jenna gave her animal (a zebra) a C-section in no time flat.  She won't be enjoying the snap, crackle, pop of a water bottle again anytime soon, but she still likes carrying around the flat zebra.

Dixie was a bit overwhelmed with all of the sounds Jenna and I were making.  She took her time with the fox toy (as she does with everything) and then made off with more than one (as she does with everything).

I hope you're still enjoying your Christmas presents!

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