Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Visitor!

During Columbus Day weekend, Aunt Holly came to visit.  I LOVE HOLLY!!!!  Once she arrived, I totally forgot Mommy was anywhere near.  I gave my full attention to Holly.  I can get away with so many bad habits when Holly is here!  It is sooooo much fun to have her visit!

Holly came to visit so she and Mommy could scrapbook.  They were able to devote 48 hours to non-stop scrapbooking.  We helped!

I was having so much fun showing my devotion to Holly that Mommy put an extra top sheet on Holly's bed in case I wanted to sleep with her.  But I'm no dummy.  I can't forget who feeds me.  I slept with Mommy every night.  I did however provide the wake up wag to Holly each morning.

Once Holly was up, she and I had deep conversations and lots of snuggle time.  To be fair, Holly really didn't sleep that late; she just isn't quite the morning person Mommy is . . . not many people are!

I hope Aunt Holly will come visit again soon!  I LOVE  HOLLY!!!!  [sigh]


  1. This is fantastic Julie, Now I know who Holly is when Gwen talks about her, two posts and I feel like I know a lot of her family now. This is great,.Oh Dixie loves her Aunty Holly and I am sure it is well and truly reciprocated.
    So pleased you all managed to have a lovely weekend scrapbooking and snuggly with Holly. x

    1. We're glad you are enjoying our blog. Gwen mentions you often in her emails, especially when talking ROYALS!


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