Friday, August 31, 2012

Jenna Nose Best?

Life certainly is interesting at our house sometimes.  Wednesday night was one of those times . . .

Dixie has a tendency to be a tiny bit protective of her bones and toys.  She will scrunch up her nose and growl deeply if Jenna is within a one mile radius of said bones and toys.  Jenna usually isn't even attempting to take the items, but that does not seem to matter to Dixie.  If there's a chance, she is going to protect what's hers. 

Daddy had had enough Wednesday night.  He stood up and began fussing at Dixie to cut it out.  He also sent Dixie to her crate and slammed the door behind her.  Yes, I know (and my parents know) you aren't supposed to use the crate as a place of punishment, but it works brilliantly sometimes and does not seem to have any adverse effects on either girl.  I am sure if some human parents out there would utilize the crate, then discipline issues, not to mention potty training, would go so much smoother and quicker!  But I digress from our interesting evening . . .

When Daddy raised his voice and moved towards Dixie, I guess Jenna thought she was next.  She had been sitting beside Mommy on the love seat and decided to take a short cut to her crate.  She leaped over Mommy and the arm of the sofa and made a bee line for her hiding spot.  For the first time, Jenna misjudged her abilities in her haste and took out Mommy's entire face with a side swipe of her body!  Daddy was oblivious to the event until he turned around to see Mommy crying.  We don't think Jenna broke Mommy's nose because she isn't that black and blue, but there is a possibility it is cracked! 

Being the good son I am, I tried my best to console Mommy.  I wormed my way up under her arm to give her a lick and when that didn't seem to stop the crying, I hopped up on the love seat beside her.  Mommy said she has never been in that much pain before.  When Daddy realized something was wrong, he took the proper response and immediately put ice on Mommy's face.  That just might be what helped Mommy to look presentable the next day.  Instead of raccoon eyes, it just looks like her eye shadow has slipped a bit . . . onto the top and sides of her nose!  It also seems to be growing slightly darker by the day. 

Mommy is relieved she doesn't look too bad, but disappointed at the same time.  She says if she could have any plastic surgery in the world, she would have a nose job!  A broken nose might be a good excuse to do that!  She does look a little bit different with the swelling on her face.  She thinks it might be a good test run for what a new nose might look like . . . I'm not sure if Daddy is buying it (literally)!

I think the lesson to be learned here is not to allow your pets up on the furniture . . . unless they are handsome ten year old labs like myself!


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