Friday, May 26, 2017

Saying Goodbye to The Sofa!

We've had to say farewell to a good friend in the past few months:  The Sofa.   [sigh]   [deeper sigh]

This is such a sad story you may not be able to read it all the way through.  We had a difficult time writing it since these pictures bring back great memories of time spent with The Sofa.

This story actually starts with The Old Sofa.  It was once a lovely deep navy color that had been passed down to our parents from Mimi and Grandaddy and had been re-covered.  After years of comfort provided to our parents and our big brother Hunter, it had to be retired.

Of course we also had a few good years with The Old Sofa.

And then it was time to say out with The Old Sofa and in with The New Sofa!  

We desperately wanted to sit on The New Sofa, but Mommy adamantly REFUSED to allow us up there!  Hmpf!

Then a year and two months later, The Unfortunate Incident occurred and The New Sofa situation changed!  YIPPEE!!!!  We guess Mommy was in so much pain that she had a weak moment.  We were invited onto The New Sofa!  Ohhh . . . Ahhh . . . 

And suddenly The New Sofa became simply known as The Sofa and we were right at home!  We LOVED sleeping on The Sofa!

The time we spent with The Sofa was a fabulous five months.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end . . . or so we've heard.  Mommy started noticing quite a bit of dawg hair on The Sofa.  We're not sure what the problem was; after all, The Sofa wasn't complaining!  One fateful day in February, Mommy was vacuuming and decided it was past time to vacuum the sofa as well.  She sprayed Static Guard on the sofa because that helps release the dawg hairs . . . usually!  After vacuuming The Sofa twice, she finally went to retrieve the lint roller.  We lost count after four swipes and changes of the sticky paper . . . and THAT was the END of our friendship with The Sofa!

Now we're back to sleeping on The Floor.  We aren't sure why, but The Floor doesn't seem to want to be good friends with us . . .

Have no fear, The Master Bed is always available for good snuggles!

And if The Master Bed isn't feeling friendly for some reason, there's always The Guest Bed!

[sigh]  It was good while it lasted!  Those were the good ol' days!  [deeper sigh]

Dixie & Jenna

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