Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Trouble with the Vet . . .

I had to go to the vet recently.  Mommy debated over and over about taking me.  I've had issues with my knee off and on for a while.  Mommy had noticed I was starting to adjust my mannerisms so that I didn't stress my knee out.  She was so afraid I was in pain.   I have been for while now, but I'm a trooper and keep right on going!

 Waiting on the doctor . . .

Eavesdropping on the wonderful comments the nurse was making about me . . .
beautiful, great personality, etc.  The usual! 

If I'd known then what I know now, I should've pawed through that door and made a RUN for it!

The vet couldn't believe my knee had never been x-rayed before.  He voiced the biggest fears Mommy had, that it was probably a torn ACL.  Before I knew what was happening, Mommy was leaving me behind so they could sedate me and take x-rays.  She returned an hour and a half later.  I was more than a little put out with her!  Hmpf!

I was also VERY sleeeeeeeepy!  

I slept all the way home and Mommy even had to pick me up to get me out of the car!  

The results were exactly what Mommy had feared.  I'm going to have surgery to repair the tear in my knee!  Apparently I'm channeling my big brother even more than I thought!  Mommy was really bummed out, but she's told me it will all be worth it eventually.  When I'm fully recovered my soccer ball can come out of hiding and I can finally PLAY again!

For the rest of that evening, Mommy and Dixie tried to cheer me up . . .

I just decided the best course of action was to sleep it off!  That anesthesia really took a toll on me.  I slept all evening long and didn't even budge when the fridge was open!  Hard to believe, I know!!!

I'm sure Mommy or Dixie will keep you updated on my surgery and recovery.  Mommy says I have endless walking in my future . . . (I really think she's thinking about her future!!).

Best Patient Ever,

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