Monday, May 29, 2017

Jenna Update

Hi y'all!  I'm writing this blog post from the vet's office.  I'm not having a good time AT ALL!  I thought I was going on a vacation since it was just me and Mommy in the car last Wednesday morning (See ya, Dixie!), but it turned into a nightmare!  Yes, my leg had been hurting a bit and yes, I was hobbling around on it and had been for the past year off and on, but I was NOT prepared for what happened to me!

Instead of an all expenses paid vacation for just the two of us, I had SURGERY!!!!  Mommy said the surgery was totally necessary to repair my ACL (technically in canines it's called the CCL: cranial cruciate ligament).  She quizzed the doctor on every aspect of the procedure and my recovery (which lasts forever apparently).

Now I'm stuck at the vet until at least tomorrow.  My parents were told NOT to visit the first night for fear I'd get too worked up.  Mommy wanted to come the second night, but Daddy talked her out of it.  He knows how much I like to wiggle my hiney when I'm excited and that would NOT be good for my knee!  Mommy finally broke down and visited me Friday afternoon.  She visited the Barkery next door first (conveniently located, don't ya think?) and brought me some delicious treats.  As you can see from the pictures, I was happy to see her and didn't get too excited.

There's a dawg bed in the visitation room that's HUGE!  As in THICK!!!  Mommy thinks they need to re-think that since a dawg with a surgery like mine might not be able to easily get on the bed and get comfy.  After a couple tries, I managed.

After this experience I have to admit I do NOT see why you human ladies feel the need to shave your legs!  This did not make for a good experience.  And I have rashes in places too!  Ouch!

On Sunday afternoon, both Mommy AND Daddy came to visit me!  Yeehaw!  I was SUPER EXCITED!!!  Mommy wasn't sure if it was because I was feeling better or if I was just that excited to see Daddy!  I'll never tell . . .

They stopped in at the Barkery again, and I got to pig out on more treats.  Perhaps this surgery thing isn't so bad after all?

Once I finished eating my treats, I was able to devote all my energy to DADDY!!  At this point I got a little TOO excited and tried to jump up.  A big no no as far as my leg and doctor are concerned.

Daddy knows exactly where the sweet spot is!

Hopefully tomorrow is the day I get to return home.  Mommy said something about being in my crate 24/7 for several weeks, but I'm sure she's just being her usual dramatic self!

Crossing  my paws,

PS: Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to our brave service men and women who have served in the past and present.  We know we have you to thank you for the freedoms we enjoy!

Since I'm in the slammer right now, Mommy had Jenna pose for this year's patriotic picture . . .

 Here's my patriotic picture from a few years back . . . who do you think did it best???

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