Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lucky Number 7

Happy birthday to us!!!!  

We are SEVEN years old today.  Can you tell which of us is the good girl??

In traditional human to canine years we're 49 years old, but scientists don't really rely on the old 1:7 year ratio any more.  Mommy saw this chart on Pinterest recently posted by the American Kennel Club.  Our weight falls right on the border of medium to large breed dawgs.  That means we are somewhere between 47-50 human years old.  No matter which end of that range we think we are closer to, that makes us the oldest in the house!

We had a super quick photo session before church Sunday morning.  One of us was better at posing than the other!

Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Happy Birthday, Dixie!

To celebrate, Mommy ordered our first BarkBox.  Apparently she can order us a box each month, but she told us to keep dreaming!  She said we have PLENTY of toys already and definitely do not need to add two more every month!  We tend to disagree, but we're not paying the bill!  If you haven't ever seen a BarkBox in person, there's a theme each month.  This month's theme honored springtime in Japan with items you might take on a cherry blossom picnic (that's what the enclosed card said)!  Mommy was hooked with the adorable tissue paper that had cherry blossoms and dawgs on it.  It could have been elevated to "labadorable" status if it had had drawings of us on it!  In addition to the yummy treats in the box there was a sushi toy and a teapot toy.  Both squeak!  Yippee!

Jenna loves to chew the manufacturer's tag off any new toys first!  One day Mommy is going to have to remember to buy one of those cloth baby books with all the tabs on the edges.  Those would be right up Jenna's alley!

Dixie is wondering if the Japanese play tennis much . . . she'd probably prefer a tennis ball!

Jenna loves BOTH toys!

Mommy tried to capture a picture of each of us in a party hat as well, but . . . once again, one of us was better at posing than the other!

Mommy says there's a surprise for us tonight.  We wonder what it is . . . we'll be sure to take plenty of pictures (as if you had any doubt) and share those with you later in the week!

Dixie and Jenna
The Birthday Party Girls

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