Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tough Choice?

It's finally here!  Opening day of college football season!  WHOO HOO!  If we hadn't moved this summer, Mommy and Daddy had planned to be at this year's opening game because it would have given them both a chance to pull for their respective home teams.

Mommy could have pulled for her team with a questionable mascot (according to Daddy):

And Daddy could have pulled for his team with a mascot that leads the ultimate life of dawg luxury:

At our house, this is the battle of the home states!  
North Carolina Tarheels
Georgia Bulldogs

Instead of watching the game in person, they'll be watching from the comfort of our sofa and we'll get to watch with them.  Yippee!  Can you guess who we'll be pulling for???

I think these last two pictures show who Mommy's really pulling for!  I mean, who do you think buys these things???  Not Daddy.  Mommy's Tarheels are just going to have to wait for basketball season to receive cheers from our house.  


PS: When basketball season arrives, it's a whole different ballgame . . . 

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