Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Common Courtesy

Sharing is one of the most basic common courtesies don't you think?  Parents all over the world struggle to teach their young children this rule as a child in the hopes they will grow into adolescents who know the meaning of the word.  I'm not sure where my grandparents went awry in their lessons, but they definitely did NOT teach my parents to share!  Hmpf!

Often times Mommy and Daddy settle in front of the television to eat their dinner since it's just the two of them.  Those plates of food were made for sharing, don't you think??

If they didn't have the natural urge to share, they'd sit at the table where we couldn't see the plates and all of the yumminess contained there.  Putting the food right in front of us is just torture if you aren't going to share.  I mean, would you start eating in front of a human child and not expect to hand some over?  I don't think so!  At the very least, you'd fix that child a plate too.  With the same yummy food.  Not something subpar like dawg food.  We aren't puppies any more, so we KNOW the difference.  Just like a human six year old knows the difference between baby food and a steak!

Please give my parents all the advice you can muster to help them learn to share!  And do it quick!  They seem to be slow learners . . .


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