Sunday, May 22, 2016

Morning Fun

What’s your morning routine?  According to Mommy, our routine is to pester her as she prepares for her day!  Those are definitely HER words and not mine!  I’m not sure exactly what she’s talking about. 

We leave her alone while she showers and dresses.  We only ask to be fed by 6AM.  Then the fun part of our morning begins.  I love to hang out in the shower lapping up the leftover water.   I also like to bring Mommy a ball into the bathroom and wait for her to kick it for me to chase.  We do this numerous times over and over as she’s brushing her teeth, putting on her face, fixing her hair, etc. 

Trying to wait patiently for the ball to be kicked . . .

Jenna makes an appearance in the bathroom too.  She loves to drink from the toilet.  Daddy can't stand this habit, but that doesn't stop Jenna.  

She also tries to sneak in and steal toilet paper to snack on.  She doesn’t seem to care that she is scolded and swatted on the bottom as she’s running off with her treasure.  She can really grab the paper when Mommy is bent over brushing her teeth.  Mommy’s long hair prevents her from seeing Jenna sneak in for a grab-and-go. 

Sometimes Jenna just likes to hang out with Mommy.  She tries really hard not to get in the way, but she does like a good rub behind the ears every so often, so she's never out of reach.

Apparently we are driving Mommy crazy.  She has started closing the bathroom door more and more while she’s making those last minute touch-ups.  It’s very frustrating for us. 

I hope you have just as much as fun in the mornings as we try to!

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