Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bath Time

We aren't really that crazy about taking a bath.  Mommy misses Hunter at bath time.  She could pretty much tell him it was time for a bath and he headed straight to the shower!  We don't protest that much, but we are a bit resistant to the idea.

We move as far away from the shower doors as possible . . . 

Is there anyone up there that can help us out of this situation?

Mommy spreads those towels out on the floor in the hopes of not having to clean up that much dawg hair afterwards, but as you can see it's all for nothing!  Jenna made herself comfy after her recent bath.  (The camera lens is starting to fog up a bit.)

We are stuck in here to air dry while Mommy's finishes her own bath.

In case you're wondering, we have wall to wall carpeting upstairs . . . literally!  One of us likes to rub up and down the hallway wall to help dry herself off.   I won't reveal which of us it is.  Mommy doesn't need to know which of us is making her vacuum the walls!  {eewww}

Have no fear, all of this is cleaned up and looking good now.  We look good too!  A little air dry and play time in the crisp, cool outdoors helps!

Hope you're looking good too!

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