Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another Visit to the Vet

It seems like I'm becoming a frequent flyer to the vet lately.  Daddy says it's because of Mommy's habit of breaking the dawgs in our family.  She was on guard duty both times Hunter tore his ACL and when Dixie broke her toe as a puppy.  Recently Mommy noticed I was favoring my right hind leg.  She felt fear in her heart when she noticed because she knew this could be a torn ACL.  NOT something she wants to deal with (as if I do???).

She gave my limping a day to correct itself and massaged my knee, foot, and paw.  She wasn't sure which part of my body was actually troubling me, and I wasn't about to breathe a word to her.  Finally she took me to the vet and we were able to meet the surgeon on the staff for the first time.  Don't panic yet over the word surgeon!  I think she was sent into evaluate me just in case the worst had happened.

As it turns out, I did have some inflammation in my knee, but no tear . . . yet!  I have to be on restricted movement for TWO WEEKS!!!!  Seriously?  That vet obviously doesn't know me very well.  We are trying to prevent any more injury to my knee that would result in a full blown  ACL tear and full blown surgery!  Mommy is relieved.  I'm going into withdrawals without my frisbee chases.  Dixie is suffering too because it's so unfair for Mommy to go out and play with her and not take me as well.  (Sorry about that, Dixie!)

I have an anti-inflammatory to take for several days to help in my recovery.  So far, so good.  I am counting the days until I can run like the wind again!

Until then, let's hope Mommy doesn't break Dixie too!

PS: Betcha can't tell what was really on my mind during the visit to the doctor . . .


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