Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fireside Nap

If we're going to talk about one of us trying to fill Hunter's paws, then I guess we have to talk about me too!  I LOVE napping in front of the fireplace (with or without a fire going).  Hunter used to do the same.  Mommy kept a bed there for him to stretch out on in the evenings.  He originally had a bed with a cover made by Mimi to match the drapes in the den, but as he grew older Mommy treated him to a fabulous orthopedic dawg bed to help with his old joints.  He loved it, but he didn't always sleep on it (nor did it always stay in front of the fireplace).  He could be temperamental that way.

Since Hunter has passed, that original bed is upstairs in our parents' bedroom for me or Jenna to sleep on.  We also have upstairs the bed that Hunter only used for recreational purposes.  That bed is my choice sleeping spot if I can't be on the human bed!  The orthopedic bed is also back in its prime location in front of the fireplace.  And that's where you'll find me most evenings!


Here's to sweet dreams!

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