Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dino Weird

We've blogged about our love for dinosaurs before.  One of those dinosaurs has been through the wringer in recent months.  Red and Blue Stegosaurus has been living on the edge lately.  Here he is in the Jaws of Life (aka Jenna) back in the summer when he was brand new:

Poor Stegosaurus.  Jenna LOVES to carry him around inside and outside.  She even likes to play fetch with him!  He found himself in a tree back in the fall thanks to Mommy's throwing abilities (don't ever ask Granddaddy about Mommy's lack of talent in that department).

And just before Snowstorm Jonas blew in, we had rain followed by several days of frigid temps resulting in a Stegosaurus Popsicle.  You might not be able to tell in the pictures.  Look closely at how his legs are sticking straight out.  Hard as a rock!

Thankfully, after a spin in the washing machine he's as good as new!  Stegosaurus lives to see another day (much to his dismay?).

Until another dino-mite adventure!

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