Thursday, February 18, 2016

Snow Disappointed

Life can be full of disappointments.  We learned that the hard way last week.  We were supposed to receive 4-8 inches of snow and it was supposed to snow ALL DAY on Tuesday.  Although that's nothing compared to the snowfall Jonas dumped on us a few weeks ago, the promise of a snow day was definitely in the forecast.  Well, I guess technically no one actually promised us Mommy would get to stay home, but we all believed!  Her students took home their Flurry Folders on Monday night and everything was ready!  (By completing work in the Flurry Folders, students and teachers don't have to make up a snow day later in the year.)

We woke up Tuesday to a mere two inches and no delayed start . . . BUT the promise was still there!  The forecast still called for 4-8 inches and snowfall all day.  Well, it did snow ALL DAY, however the temps were above freezing so Mommy and her students went to school ALL DAY!  [sigh]  The bulk of the snow didn't come until after 4PM when Mommy was home.  We were able to play in the snow, and we still held out for a possible snow day on Wednesday or a delayed start at the very least . . .

With a total of only 3-4 inches, Wednesday began as a Winter Wonderland, but NO delayed start and NO snow day. [SIGH] 

So . . . we'll continue to hold out for another snow day this year and enjoy the few inches of snow we have while we can!

Crossing our paws,
Dixie and Jenna

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