Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snow Much Fun!

Twenty inches of snow takes a WHILE to melt.  The temps have been a bit warm for this time of year, so that's helped.  We played in the snow as much as we could and thought we'd share a few more pictures with you from our adventures in snowland.  (It's finally starting to look green around here again as of this weekend.)

We played so hard I cut one of my paw pads on the ice.  Mommy says she had "shoes" for Hunter when they lived in Minnesota just for this purpose, but she's not sure where they are . . . maybe she'll dig them out if we have another snow storm.  Or we'll just continue to make the authorities think a crime has taken place in our backyard!

Mommy continued on her quest for the perfect pictures: one of Dixie and me together, a selfie of Mommy and Dixie, and a selfie of the three of us in the snow.  Results continue to be mixed.

One of the most surprising events of the snowstorm occurred on a school night at about 9:30.  Mommy was already snug in her pajamas on the sofa when Daddy decided he needed to clear a little more snow off the driveway.  While Daddy was outside, he came up with the idea that he and Mommy should make a snowman.  After begging her several times to come out and help, Mommy bundled up and their snow adventure began!

This was ALL Daddy's idea!  Daddy HATES the cold and HATES the snow!  Mommy had begged him a few times herself over the snow weekend to come out and join us in our play, but he declined.  The snowman they made was fairly small but built with love.  Love for what is the question!  Daddy calls this snowman the Special Ops Snowman.  He attached arms to hold a Coke can, but the rest was totally Mommy's idea.  She added shotgun shells for the eyes and buttons and a shemagh, the military head scarf, to complete the look.  We aren't sure what a Coke has to do with this overall "look," but we aren't asking.  Mommy says she chose the other items because they were all in the garage, and she didn't need to come back in the house (and thus rile us up).  Daddy was THRILLED with the results!

The two of them spent a while outside using the selfie tripod to try to capture the perfect shot of the three of them.  Daddy grew quite cold sitting on the snow in his jeans, but he knew he couldn't complain too much since he had begged Mommy to join him.   A few pictures and a cold bottom was a small price to pay for long-lasting memories!  (Mommy had thrown on her ski bibs, so she was good to go in the cold for hours!)

Snow much fun!

Maybe next time, they'll invite us to come out and play with them . . . [sigh]

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