Friday, October 2, 2015

The Tail Marks the Spot

As a reading teacher, Mommy has tons of bookmarks at her disposal.  However, that doesn't mean she always uses them.  She tends to just dawg ear the corner of the page or use the paper cover if it's a hardback book.  She has been gifted with two bookmarks in the past year that she is actually trying to use.  Aunt Holly gave her a purple monogrammed bookmark and Aunt Gwen gave her one that is red and says "Keep Calm and Carry On."

A few weeks ago, Mommy had a different bookmark to help her keep her place: Hunter's tail!  Hunter lived on the old loveseat when he was a puppy (kind of like I used to before the new one arrived), but as an older dawg, he didn't hop up there too often.  On this particular day, he took a running leap and made himself comfy beside Mommy.  When he settled himself, his tail had no where else to go!

I'm sure he just wanted to be helpful since he was taking up so much room on the loveseat.  Mommy didn't mind one bit.  She was happy to share the space and her book with him!  

If only she looked that happy when I invaded her space!  [sigh]

Missing my big brother,   [bigger sigh]

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