Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jeep Love

Back in March Daddy traded in his truck for a brand new JEEP!!  Apparently he had always wanted one and so it was a dream come true.  Mommy likes the new Jeep, but she thinks the truck is going to be sorely missed during hunting season this fall.  She also didn't realize that owning a Jeep was the same as becoming a member of a cult!  Who knew there were so many accessories that could be purchased?  Daddy did and he wisely didn't mention that to Mommy BEFORE the papers were signed!

Someone else loves the new Jeep too.  Jenna likes the occasional late night joy ride.  She recently took it out for a spin.  Usually Jenna prefers to be the one in control and sit in the driver's seat.

But there are times she can be persuaded to be Daddy's passenger!

Jenna is going to continue to work on perfecting her "Jeep wave" for her next ride.  Who knows, maybe she'll let Dixie drive . . .

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