Monday, October 5, 2015

Stinky Feet?

Do you have stinky feet?  We figure most everyone does at some point in their lives.  The real question is do you like the SMELL of stinky feet?

Our brother Hunter loved smelling the insides of everyone's shoes.  He loved coming across a pair of shoes that had been removed and taking a good long whiff of them.  He'd plant his nose inside the shoes and inhale.  If he really liked what he smelled, he'd begin to roll around on the shoes.  If he really, really liked them there might be some euphoric moaning and groaning involved!  You've probably seen dawgs roll around in the yard when they come across some sort of smell that really appeals to them.  Usually it's a smell their owners don't care for, but the dawg wants to bathe in. That's what Hunter did to shoes!

Poppa couldn't stand it when Hunter did that to his shoes.  He swore Hunter was ruining his shoes!  There was never any licking or slobber involved, but Poppa learned to put his shoes out of Hunter's reach.  Daddy didn't really care for Hunter rolling in his shoes, but only because one shoe usually got away and it took a while to search for it across the room when it came time to put them back on.

Mommy, on the other hand, catered to every olfactory whim of her boy Hunter!  When she arrived home after a day of work, Hunter would follow her around knowing good scents were going to come out of her shoes.  He eagerly awaited at her feet for her to pull off her shoes.  She allowed him to take a roll in her shoes daily.  One might say she even encouraged him to indulge in his shoe fetish!  One might also say she must have stinky feet, but  . . .

It's okay if these shoes are ruined . . . the 80's are calling for their return anyway!  
But don't tell Daddy we said so!  Ssshhhh!  Or maybe YOU should tell him!

Most of these pictures were taken last fall.  Mommy kept the camera in the closet for several days running trying to capture the perfect images of Hunter rolling around.  She never got it quite right, but I think there's enough here to have a decent understanding of this strange habit of Hunter's.

Here's to stinky feet!  And to my big brother Hunter!

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