Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gone Huntin'

Since we're unsure of the red and black Dawgs lately, Daddy decided to try his luck with ME!!  He took me duck hunting this morning!  I had a BLAST.

I helped Daddy load the Jeep last night with the decoys and other hunting gear.  As soon as I saw Mommy put the seat cover on for me, I was super excited.  It took me  a while to calm down and go to sleep last night.  I kept running to the garage door in anticipation of the morning.

When the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, I was READY for action!  We went to a nearby pond with one of Daddy's friends and his young son.

It was a bluebird day, so the ducks weren't flying.  Even though the men were willing to wait a little longer before calling it a day, I knew we weren't going to shoot anything.  I decided to make myself useful and pick up the decoys.   Although Daddy doesn't want me to make decoy retrieval a habit, he was thankful I was such a big help to him.  It was a dirty job, but some dawg's gotta do it!

Mommy insisted I take a bath when we returned.  Apparently I had a bit of an odor following me around.  Daddy calls it Swamp Magic!  It was worth it for all the fun I had.

Hopefully I'll get to go again soon!

PS: Mommy and Dixie were up for an early morning breakfast and then went back to bed.  I'll let you decide who the Lucky Dawg was . . .

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