Thursday, October 22, 2015

My New Trick

I have a new, fabulous trick and Daddy is super proud of me!  You have to understand that our parents do NOT usually teach us tricks.  We will never shake hands with you because 1.) we don't have hands and 2.) "shake" means something totally different to us.  When we hear "shake," we are usually in the shower or coming out of water.  That is our signal to shake the water off our backs and help our parents with the drying process.

For some reason Daddy got it in his head that he wanted to teach both me and Dixie to hold a treat on our noses until he gave the command for us to eat it.  Dixie is doing somewhat okay with the trick.  She can hold the treat in place, but she gives in long before Daddy gives the release command.  She jerks her head backwards so that the treat falls right into her mouth every time.

I'm doing an EXCELLENT job of holding the treat in place until I hear Daddy's release command.  For a foodie like me, this is a HUGE accomplishment.

Apparently I need to pay closer attention to Dixie's catch and release technique (or is that her release and catch technique?).  I can catch my treat, but . . . sometimes I throw my nose up in the air and the treat goes flying behind me. . . right into Dixie's mouth!  Other times I swing my head around quickly and the treat goes flying . . . right into Dixie's mouth!

I need to keep working on my paw-to-eye coordination so that I can have the benefit of every tiny morsel of those treats and not just Dixie's crumbs!  [sigh]


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