Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Has Mommy told you about our newest addition to the family?  We now have a fourth dawg in our house!  Have you picked yourself up from the floor yet?  I know it's shocking to even think about, but it's true.

I'm not sure why Mommy felt the need for another dawg.  We were doing just fine with three.  I personally think the three of us keep things hopping around here.  A fourth will surely wear our parents out.  For now, the newest beast is being kept in the foyer away from the rest of us.  I guess it has been confined to that area until we get used to it.  When I was first introduced to the family, I had to stay in my crate for a few hours.  Then Daddy threw caution (and my crate door) to the wind and unleashed me on the household.

Perhaps this newest dawg will be allowed into other parts of the house soon.  Or perhaps not.  Mommy hasn't complained yet, but I've noticed every time she touches the new dawg, it sheds a tiny bit.  We already have black hairy tumbleweeds in the kitchen; why would Mommy torture herself this way???

I don't think Daddy was included in this life-changing decision.  Mommy said she just stumbled across the dawg and couldn't leave it behind.  Truth be told, she saw it two weeks earlier and passed on it.  She knew there were already three of us at home and no room for a fourth.  Lucky for her (but maybe not for the rest of us), the dawg was still in its same location when she returned.  She knew it was meant to be.

When Mommy arrived home with the newest dawg, we all took turns greeting it with our noses.  It took Mommy a little while to find the perfect spot for it.  She finally decided on the foyer.  The new dawg is allowed to be the first of us to greet guests when they arrive.  That doesn't really seem fair.  We've been a part of this family for much longer, so we should have that honor, don't you think?

I guess we'll just have to get used to this newest addition.  Mommy tells me not to worry.  Soon it will be summer and the new dawg will go away.  How can that be?  Summer's the best time to be a dawg around here because Mommy is home with us every day.  Why would a new dawg want to leave then??

 I guess only time will tell . . . .

PS: I forgot to tell you his name.  It's Maxx.  As in TJMaxx!


  1. Dear Jenna, this is NOT what I expected at all! I can see why so many of Mommy's blog readers have been disappointed by the misleading headline! SHAME on Mommy. Bad Mommy! LOL

  2. Mr. Jasper, what in the world would we do with FOUR REAL dawgs???? Slowly (or perhaps quickly?) go insane. Mommy might already be slowly going insane . . .


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