Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gone Too Quickly

Remember that toy Mommy brought home the week of our birthdays?  I really enjoyed playing with it for a few days.  Yes, I said DAYS . . . 

Mommy found these toys for a cheap price and thought I might like to play with them.  I'll admit that sometimes I'm the problem.  I play with throw toys for a while and then decide they might be good to chew on.  At other times, Dixie is the problem.  She tends to grow a bit jealous and thinks she needs to have control of ALL toys!

These toys were designed for dawgs to enjoy.  They were specially colored for our eyesight.

I started with two toys . . . the first only lasted a few HOURS.  Mommy buried it in the trash can.

The second toy almost bit the dust on the first day as well, but somehow Mommy managed to salvage it from the jaws of life.  Please note the DNA evidence on these toys.  I am sure I've left my mark, but a good CSI would be able to prove Dixie started it!

The second toy moved on to Glory on our birthday.  I was totally innocent this time.  I was minding my own business and playing with Mommy when Dixie decided to join in the fun.  The problem is that she likes to steal my toy.  Naturally I'm forced to steal it back.  A tug-of-war usually ensues and then the toy is history!

[sigh]   Toys don't last long around here.  This one was gone too quickly!

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