Sunday, June 21, 2015

Silly Daddy!

We're always telling you how silly Mommy is, but we thought we'd let you know Daddy has his moments too!  As you probably know by now, our food stays in an aluminum trash can in the laundry room with a bungee cord on the lid.  We have to keep the lid strapped down, or Jenna will use her nose to nudge the lid off and help herself.

Mommy recently asked Daddy to help her out by putting a new forty pound bag of food into the can.  For a few days after replenishing our food, Mommy usually closes the door to the laundry room as she prepares our food.  Otherwise, the temptation of all that food in front of Jenna is just too much and she face plants into the can!

Sometimes when we are refilling the can, we still have just enough food left in the bottom of the can that all of the new food doesn't fit.  This time, we must have been really running low, because ALL of the food fit!  I guess Daddy was so happy that he had a momentary lapse in judgment . . . he opened the laundry room door to three barking dawgs BEFORE the lid was back on!!!!  DUMB-DE-DUMB-DUMB!!!!

Jenna saw her chance and took it.  Food went flying!  Naturally, Mommy did nothing but pick up the camera to capture this moment.

Being the wise father he is, Daddy also said nothing.  He knew he'd made a mistake.  He didn't fuss at all!  Instead, he grabbed the lid as quick as he could and let us enjoy our dessert spread out all over the floor!  He's super smart like that!

Happy Father's Day to Daddy, Grandaddy, and Poppa!  We woof you!
Love, Hunter
(and of course, Dixie and Jenna too)

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