Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Isn't Life Puzzling?

When Mommy and Dixie left us at Easter, Mommy left something special behind for me (and Hunter too, I guess).  She has wanted to buy us a puzzle toy for a while, but they are rather pricey as far as dawg toys go.  Especially when one wrong crunch of the mouth could destroy it and all that money would be wasted.  When she found one at TJMaxx, she couldn't resist!  She thought it would be perfect for Daddy to try it out with me when there was one less dawg in the house.

The object of the toy is to hide treats inside, and then the smart dawg (that would be ME) learns to pull out the yellow pieces and turn the toy with her nose so the treats are exposed.  This requires brains and an appetite, both of which I have plenty.  Daddy said I did a great job.

Hunter gave it his best effort too!  He grabbed for the yellow pieces and then ran off with them.  He managed to leave his mark on one of them.  On the bright side, it still fits in the toy!  He's pretty smart, but he likes to take short cuts.  I think his mind tells him to destroy the toy and then all the treats will be his.

I, on the other hand, believe this is one time to follow the rules.  I like a challenge.  The toy was both fun and challenging.

I'm glad Daddy and I (and Hunter too) could share this moment.

PS: Pray for Mommy.  She's on an overnight trip with her kiddos and you just never know what goes on inside those teenage brains of theirs!  She'll be back tomorrow with her brain hopefully still intact!

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