Friday, April 17, 2015

On the Hunt

Where I live there's hardly anything green yet, but that was not the case at my grandparents' house.  It was quite warm while I visited last week.  I kept ringing the bell to go outside, but I really just wanted to lounge in the grass.  Mommy was reluctant to leave me out by myself since it's not my yard and there's no fence.

Nothing says spring like an Easter egg hunt!  I got to help with the one we had for Cousins C and A.  I tried to help them out by pointing out the location of the eggs.  Sometimes I became a tiny bit confused because my tennis balls were the same color as the green eggs.  I was also hoping for a taste of some of the jelly beans hidden inside the eggs.

There were LOTS of good places to hide the eggs since Poppa recently cut down a few trees in the front yard and is still in the process of chopping and stacking the wood (much to Grandma's dismay).  I also had fun running around and leaping over the logs when the tennis ball was thrown for me.  It gave me quite a workout.

Mommy doesn't have any good pictures of us in our Easter finery.  We looked good at church, but then C and A went to their other grandparents' house for lunch.  They had changed into more casual clothes by the time they joined us for dinner.  (And so had we!)  I guess technically I wasn't actually present at church with the rest of the family, but I still looked good!

Hoping your Easter egg hunt was a good one too!

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