Sunday, January 4, 2015

Out with the Old

Mommy really wanted to wait until after the New Year to take down the tree, but it was pretty dry and making the house very dusty.  It may also have been contributing to Mommy's stuffy nose, but we aren't sure.  Even if that's the case, there is NO WAY Mommy is making the transition to a fake tree!  (At least not yet . . . )  The tree came down almost a week ago.  Here's what it looked like in all its glory:

As Mommy worked last week on taking down the tree, she made quite a mess.  Needles were flying in all directions.  Mommy got lots of exercise walking around and around Hunter and the tree.  Hunter was determined to be close by in case his help was needed.

He's been lying around a lot this past week.  He doesn't like being cooped up at the kennel when Mommy and Daddy ditch us and leave town.  He has a nervous habit of gnawing on his ankles and creating sores.  Mommy has the worst one wrapped up so it can heal without Hunter agitating it more.  This is also an effort to prevent him from overdosing on Neosporin!  Hunter is not a fan of this process, but Mommy says it's for his own good.  Don't Mommies always say that??

Mommy managed to get the tree out of its stand and yank it through the sliding door and onto the deck.  As the tree went through the door, its branches went snap, crackle, pop!  Jenna's crate had to be cleaned out first so she could settle in there and escape the vacuum during the rest of the clean up process.

For now the tree sits on the deck.  Mommy will cut up its branches and add them to her front porch winter decorations soon.  She needs to go over it one more time to make sure there aren't any decorations still hanging on for dear life.  Daddy swears Mommy threw out his little drummer boy ornament one year.  In a recent Google search, she learned the "vintage 1980's ornament" was not to be found except already engraved with someone else's name on it.  (Yes, it actually said vintage!! Ha!)  Mommy suspects the ornament in question still hangs on Mimi's tree and was never in our house to begin with.  In the meantime, the tree just takes up space on the deck where we walk back and forth to the yard.  

We wish you good luck in removing all of your Christmas decorations.  Happy New Year!

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