Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Good Ride, Harley

Yesterday, my old buddy and canine cousin, Harley, passed on to Glory.  Her kidneys were giving out on her and she wasn't going to get any better.   Harley was a spunky, energetic, loving dawg.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see each often since we lived so far apart.

Harley was just a puppy when my parents met her for the first time eleven years ago.  They were home for Christmas, and Harley was just the right size to fit under the Christmas tree (I'm not sure if I was ever that small!).  She made quite an impression on the whole family and was so much fun to play with.

Just like me, Harley was her parents' first born.  She lived in the lap of luxury for the first three years of her life as an only child.

And then Harley's world was rocked with the addition of another human, Cousin C.  Of course Harley adjusted and so did Cousin C.

Mommy flew to meet Cousin C a couple months after her birth.  Mommy made sure she gave Harley a little bit of extra love and attention.  For Harley, the feeling was mutual.

Harley showed off her Halloween costume that year.  She could have just gone in her Birthday Suit, since she celebrated her birthday on Halloween.  Unfortunately for Harley, her mom had been hanging with my mom and that meant a costume!  At least in this getup she could still be the Queen Bee!

Harley had a great eleven years with our family.  I'm sure Cousin C and her brother, Cousin A, are going to miss Harley bunches and bunches.  Good Ride, Harley!


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