Friday, January 16, 2015

Jenna: AWOL

On New Year's Day, Mommy heard a knock at the deck door.  She came around the corner to see our neighbor Mike with Jenna on a leash!  Jenna and Dixie had been outside playing and apparently Jenna had decided to see if it was true . . . is the grass greener on the other side???  Mommy wasn't sure if Jenna had gone UNDER the fence or OVER it.  She was praying for under!

When Daddy returned from his New Year's Day shoot, he went out to inspect the fence and found the problem.  Apparently Jenna still has her supermodel figure!  (At least we are assuming Jenna went under the fence; that is a much easier fix than her going over it!!)

Daddy immediately went to work making the necessary repairs.  It's not pretty, but it should work!

Meanwhile, Jenna watched Daddy's progress and Mommy played ball with Dixie.

I supervised the work of all of the family.  I've seen this happen before.  When Dixie was just a puppy, she too wanted to know if the grass was greener on the other side.  She soon realized the error of her ways and learned she should stay on our side of the fence!

Hopefully, Jenna did indeed go under the fence and not over it.  She has come so close to popping over it a time or two.  Mommy has no idea how to go about breaking the habit of going OVER the fence.  Well, she does, but it won't be pretty!

Only time will tell if Daddy's repair job did the trick or not . . . 

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