Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Girls with Curls?

I may be Daddy's Girl, but one day recently I had something that made Mommy do a double take.  She saw this on my hind leg:

Is my hair starting to curl up like Mommy's?  After all, Mommy had straight hair when she was younger.  She reecived a perm when she was in the fourth grade (hard to believe Grandma would allow that, but it's true).  Apparently that perm was truly PERMANENT!  When Mommy was in the sixth grade, she had her hair cut REALLY short.  As it grew back in, it became curlier and curlier.  Puberty had definitely set in!  Do you think the same thing is going to happen to me?

Maybe this is a sign that I should try to follow the straight and narrow path?  I guess I'll have to be nicer to my siblings and see what happens.

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