Friday, October 17, 2014

Re-Thinking My Name . . .

I LOVE it when Mommy calls me Doodle Bug!  I will even answer to just Doodle.  I think she takes my nickname from a combo of Dixie Doodle (definitely NOT to be confused with Yankee Doodle) and Snuggle Bug.  This is a great nickname for me.  Or I thought so until recently . . .

I'm not sure why Mommy didn't know this already, but Daddy clued her in to what an actual Doodlebug is.  We may need to re-think my name since we've been enlightened.  A doodlebug in the world of science is one of two different creatures, neither of which is cute and cuddly like me!

The first creature is a woodlouse, but Mommy and Daddy call it a roly-poly.  Neither of my parents have ever referred to this bug as a doodlebug, but according to online sources, this is one of its common names.  UGH!

Armadillidium vulgare 001.jpg

When Daddy told Mommy to look up doodlebugs, he was talking about a bug sometimes called an antlion.  This hideous creature (so unlike me, don't you think?) is called a doodlebug because it makes doodles in the sand as it looks for a place to build its traps.  Ants unknowingly crawl down in the funnels made by the antlion and become a tasty dinner.  ICK!

I was so proud of my nickname until Daddy brought this to our attention.  You know they say ignorance is bliss.  I don't know who they are, but surely they are right about this bug thing.   

There is only one way to handle this situation.  I'm just going to have to pretend I never heard it!  And how can you argue with that logic when you see beautiful, fabulous me?  You can't!  

Determined to be a cute Doodle Bug, 

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