Saturday, October 25, 2014

Colors of Fall

Does it look like fall at your house yet?  This is Mommy's favorite time of the year, but it's been slow to arrive this year.  The leaves are changing slowly and the temperature is taking its sweet time falling.  Mommy is ready for sweater weather.  Take it from someone who wears a sweater 24/7: it's not warm and fuzzy all the time.  Sometimes that sweater can be really hot and sweaty!

This past spring Mommy found a really cool garden "ball."  She planted a huge ivy plant in a planter and let the ivy grow up around the ball.  That ivy is still alive and well despite the fact that the rest of Mommy's plants died a slow, scorching death under Daddy's care while Mommy was out of town in August.  What's most shocking is that Dixie never realized it was a large ball.  Otherwise the ivy wouldn't have stood a chance!

The ivy is starting to turn a lovely shade of red as fall arrives.  Mommy was able to snap my picture as I chilled out beside the ivy.  Now she has both fall colors and a "sweater" in the same picture!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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