Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Get Away

Our parents ditched us once again for a weekend away . . . without dawgs!  Why does this keep happening to us?  This time they traveled to Williamsburg, Virginia.  Mommy had been about twenty years ago (sad that she is old enough to say that and it not mean in infancy when she was too young to remember!) and Daddy had never been.  They apparently had a terrific time, but Daddy said he was "colonial-ed out" by the end of the weekend.

While in Williamsburg, Mommy and Daddy visited as many colonial trade shops as they could possibly cram into their days.  Daddy tends to act like Mommy has dragged him to these places, but he loved asking questions of the colonials.

They also enjoyed really great meals (which is more than I can say for myself while stuck at the kennel!). Mommy ordered Hunter's Game Pie when they ate at a local tavern, which contained rabbit, venison, and duck.  Not only was it huge, but it looked like it was going to burst open with blackbirds just like the nursery rhyme!

It doesn't take much to entertain Mommy sometimes . . .

On the last night of  their trip, Mommy realized she hadn't taken any selfies of the two of them together while in the colonial area.  Daddy was thrilled and Mommy was disappointed.  She'll just have to settle for a couple pictures of herself and several she took on the sly of Daddy asking all of those questions!

This is another trip I am SURE we could have enjoyed!  I heard there were lots of dawgs traveling with their parents.  I'm not so sure why ours persist in leaving us behind.  I heard Mommy tell Daddy that when one of the restaurants called to verify their reservation and asked if they were celebrating any special occasion, Mommy replied, "Being away from home!"  Really?  You don't like being with us??  That can't be true.  [sigh]  I guess we all need a break from each other from time to time.  But next time, how about if you take me and give me a break from Dixie and Hunter??


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