Saturday, September 27, 2014

Queen of the Selfies

You may have noticed every once in a while Mommy appears in a picture with us that she has taken herself.  Apparently the modern term for this type of picture is selfie.  Mommy is the Queen of Selfies.  She's been the Queen since way before they were called selfies!  She started taking them when she and her college roommate traveled together (over twenty years ago [gasp]).  She has also taken quite a few of herself and Aunt Holly as they have traveled.  This habit of Mommy's pre-dates digital cameras that allow you to see how the picture turns out and then hit delete if it's horrible!  The amazing part of Mommy's skills is that the pictures almost always turn out pretty good (meaning, you can see both subjects' heads and they both look fairly decent, and often times great).

Mommy likes to take selfies with us when we are lounging in the yard.  Jenna rarely settles nearby, so she isn't a great candidate.  Dixie rarely settles without the tennis ball in her mouth, and if she notices she has Mommy's attention, she begins barking for the ball to be thrown.  This leaves me.  Since I'm the Barkalounger, I'm the prime target, I mean subject, for Mommy's camera.

As I've grown older Mommy has turned that camera more and more my way trying to capture every move I make.  It's a bit annoying, but I try to make her happy.  She's feeling nostalgic in our old ages.  She recently stretched out beside me on the grass with both of us on our tummies.  I'm sure the neighbors thought she was crazy.  If they've ever glanced into our backyard, I'm sure they've seen all of Mommy's craziness (can you say Halloween costumes???).

When I was two years old, Mommy took a great series of pictures with me.  One of them was so good, she still has it in a frame on her desk at work.  Take that, Dixie and Jenna!  Those were the good old days when I was an only child . . . [sigh].  (This is a picture of a picture since it wasn't digital!)  Notice how YOUNG we both look!

I think these recent pictures are some of the best we've taken in a while.  What do you think?

Anything for the Queen!

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