Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My New Nickname

Mom has a new name for me: The Barkalounger!  Two of my favorite things to do are bark and lounge around.  Sometimes I bark at things I hear, real and imagined.  Actually, the noises aren't imagined, but Mommy and Daddy don't have my keen sense of hearing.  I lounge around because I'm a dawg and because I'm old!  Haven't I earned the right to relax as much as I want?

I don't call what I do barking; I call it alerting my people to the dangers of the world.  Just last week I clued Mommy in to the fact that Stomach of Steel was trying to grab another banana off the counter.  I deserved an award for that one!  After all, I saved Mommy's breakfast.

I'm sure you're probably thinking I look pitiful in these pictures, but I was really enjoying myself in the shade of the plants.  Really, I was!  I love to lie outside while the girls run around and play with Mommy.  Mommy comes over to check on me, snuggle me, whisper she loves me in my ear from time to time.  [sigh]  It's a good life!

If you need me, just call The Barkalounger!

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