Saturday, September 20, 2014

Monster Mouth

As dawgs, we each have monster mouths.  Jenna uses hers to eat.  Dixie uses her to carry tennis balls, two at a time.  I use mine to bark!  Mommy has always been intrigued by the puzzles that allow dawgs to move pieces in order to solve for a treat.  She has refrained from buying one because they are usually pretty expensive as far as dawg toys go, and we tend to tear toys up.  She would buy one in a minute if she thought it might last!  (By the way, Mommy's monster mouth is used mostly for talking . . . just ask Daddy and Uncle J.)

Recently Jenna unearthed a Monster Mouth from the bottom of the toy basket.  I think it belonged to me years ago, but I don't play with many toys in my older age.  Mommy decided to see how long it might keep Jenna occupied, so she dropped a treat inside.  Jenna LOVED it!!!  She always has food on the brain, and this was great way to keep her mind (and tongue) active.

There was only one problem: Dixie noticed how much fun Jenna was having.  Dixie made no efforts to steal the toy away; she just stood nearby and quietly watched the fun Jenna was having.  Grandma was here at the time and declared Dixie had to have one too!  Off to the store they went.  Grandma thought I should have one too, but Mommy told her I had no interest in toys and that it might hurt my old man mouth . . .

Mommy was wrong!  I know I'm not the most food-driven dawg in the house, but I do like a good treat every once in a while.  I had fun playing with the toy too!  We decided to take the toys outside.  Mommy entertained Dixie with the tennis balls while Jenna and I worked on retrieving the treats from the jaws of the Monster Mouths.

When it was finally time to go inside, Dixie tried her best to wrap her jaws around a ball and the toy!  It didn't quite work out for her, but it was fun to watch!

Here's to the next time we get our jaws on those toys!

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