Saturday, September 13, 2014

Drawing Blood

Mommy recently picked up a new toy at the pet store.  It was free and it was huge.  She had visions while in the store of the girls having a tug-of-war with the toy, but I don't think her visions included blood!  She'll know next time . . .

Jenna basically claimed the "stick" for herself.  Mommy had no problem with this since ANY and ALL tennis balls in the house apparently belong to Dixie.  Mommy started throwing the stick for Jenna and the tennis ball for Dixie.   Dixie got it into her head that she needed both the ball and the stick.  She'll know next time . . .

Instead of pulling and tugging at either end, Jenna placed her head (and mouth) right beside Dixie's head.  What ensued was the loudest, snarling, most vicious "fight" the two have ever had.  (Dixie's in pink; Jenna's in purple.)

I tried my best to tell Mommy to stop them.  I barked and barked alerting Mommy to the nature of the fight.  Mommy knew it was loud, but she told me she knew better than to get in the middle of a dawg fight.

The end result was that Jenna was the victor and Dixie was the loser in more ways than one.

Mommy says she had no idea Jenna's teeth were chomping down on the side of Dixie's head.  (Didn't I try to tell her!)  Poor Dixie.  Mommy began a regimen of peroxide and Neosporin twice daily to the side of Dixie's face.  Dixie sat nicely in the bathroom while Mommy held Dixie's face and blew on it.  You KNOW peroxide burns as it bubbles!   Not once did Dixie whimper or complain throughout the entire ordeal.

Dixie has recovered nicely, but only time will tell if she'll grow hair there again . . .

PS: Don't fuss at Mommy because she was taking pictures the whole time.  She really had NO idea how much Dixie was suffering.

PSS:  You might think Dixie learned a lesson, but she didn't!  She tried again a few minutes later!  Thankfully, Mommy had put the camera down and was quicker that time!


  1. Wow, it was a good thing you didn't jump into that tangle!
    Hope all heals well and you are able to enjoy what we hope will be cooler days.

  2. Mommy would have been toast if she had tried to break the girls up! Dixie seems to be fine and you can hardly see her scar. Thanks for posting comments, GREAT Aunt Linda!



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