Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Fantastic Fours

My sisters turned FOUR yesterday!!!  They had a great day.  And since dawgs don't exactly understand when one receives something and the others don't, I got to cash in on their big day too!  Yippee for me!

The day started with rawhide bones and ended with ice cream and cookies!  We didn't get to enjoy the entire rawhide.  Daddy took them away from us after about twenty minutes; we'll get to enjoy them in small bits and pieces for a while.  Mine will outlive the others since I just carried it around the entire time.

For dessert, we had vanilla ice cream and paw print cookies.  They were delicious . . . the parts of mine I got to eat before Jenna swept in and snatched them away!  She is super quick and Daddy put our bowls right beside each other.  He finally saw his mistake and separated the bowls, so we each had an equal chance of enjoying our treats.

The girls had a fantastic day.  Happy Birthday, Dixie and Jenna!

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