Sunday, May 18, 2014

Musical Beds

When the temps finally decided to warm up around here, Mommy surprised us with a special treat.  "Treat" might make you think of Jenna immediately, but it wasn't quite what Jenna had in mind.  We have a pair of wonderful outdoor dawg beds that can be rained and snowed on without hurting them.  They are made to allow the water to run right through them.  The only real problem with the beds is that their covers were ugly to begin with and they have faded over the past few years.  My bed also had a hole in its cover.  I say my bed because it's the largest and it was here first (like me).  Recently, the company began selling covers more to Mommy's liking, so she ordered two new ones!  They look great!  We are ready for relaxation in the sun and one of our favorite games, Musical Beds.

Now if only we had a third bed . . .

PS: Mommy said to tell you she has thought about a third bed MANY times, but it's rare that we are all lying down at the same time outside!  I guess that's true, but it would be nice to have the option, don't you think?

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