Thursday, May 8, 2014

Monkey See, Monkey Eat!

Jenna strikes again!   Mommy had just finished fixing herself a bowl of cereal with a cut up banana when Jenna decided to make her move.  Mommy turned her back on the bowl ever so slightly to wash her hands and Jenna engaged her stealth mode to nab the banana peel!  Mommy didn't realize it until after she had washed and dried her hands and heard Jenna smacking her lips on something.  It was too late!  I would estimate that 75% of the peel was history.

Mommy grabbed as much of the peel from Jenna's mouth as she could get her hands on and then immediately grabbed the iPad to Google this situation.  The first website she landed on said banana peels were toxic and she should seek help from the vet.  Our local vet doesn't have an emergency number, but there's one about thirty minutes away.  Mommy considered placing a call to them, but decided not to panic yet and kept reading.

Many other websites said the peel wasn't a problem and that it would pass on its own.  Mommy relaxed slightly until she came upstairs to discover that Jenna had found a paper towel somewhere and was chowing down on that too!  Daddy likes to blow his nose on paper towels (for strange reasons unknown to us), and we think one must have been on his nightstand.  After retrieving the paper towel from Jenna's jowls, Mommy was at her wit's end.  Unfortunately, the Stomach of Steel didn't stop there . . . she wandered into the bathroom and started helping herself to the toilet paper!  And all of this happened before 6AM!

Jenna was on a roll . . . literally!  Ha! Ha!  I crack myself up!  You know you find my humor appealing . . . get it, a-peel-ing??  Thankfully, this story has a happy ending (another intended pun).  It all came out in the end just fine and Jenna lives to eat another day!

On the plus side for Jenna: she has two new nicknames: Monkey and Stomach of Steel!  What a way to mark her two year anniversary as part of our family!

Way to go, Sister!

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