Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Memorial Day

For Memorial Day, Mommy tried really hard to capture this look (even before she saw this particular picture on Pinterest):  

I tried to do this for the blog, but it didn't go so well!!!  asthedawgsbark.blogspot.com

But needless to say, that wasn't even close to the image you saw yesterday was it??  That's because none of us four-legged beings would cooperate with Mommy.  

Hunter wasn't interested at all.  He kept sniffing the flag, but refused to take it in his mouth.  Dixie preferred (as always) to play ball.  Because we had so many tennis balls outside, there was no distracting her from her goal of playing fetch.

I was up for the idea and willing to give it a try.  Mommy attempted to hand me the flag a couple of times, and kept saying, "Gentle" over and over.  I'll admit I tend to have a hard mouth and need to be reminded to go easy on toys sometimes.  Mommy finally gave up and chose to play fetch with me too.  When she was ready to go inside, she decided to give me one more chance.  I was eager to please, so I sat like a good girl and waited for the flag to come my way.  This time, Mommy let go of the flag inch by inch and tried to take pictures at the same time . . .

 . . . until I chomped down on the flag really hard and took off running in a victory lap for the USA!  With Mommy chasing me!  In flip flops!  By the time she caught up with me, the result wasn't pretty.

Mommy wasn't a happy camper when she saw what I had done, but really, how did she think this was going to turn out?  Oh well.  Better luck next time . . . if there is a next time.  We can always give it another shot on the Fourth of July!

Happy unofficial start to summer!

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