Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Salt or Pepper?

Grandma told Mommy that I looked OLD in a recent blog post!  Perhaps it's because I AM!!  I'll admit this wasn't the best picture of me.  But we can't be picture perfect all the time, right?

I am here to remind Grandma that I don't look as old as I actually am.  I will turn TWELVE in about three weeks, which is eighty-four in dawg years.  I think I can afford a few gray hairs at that age, don't you?  I saw a pin on Pinterest recently that placed my human age closer to 64.  Although not as old as the traditionally accepted human-to-dawg ratio, it's still practically old enough to retire.  Again, gray hairs are the norm I am sure.

I look so much younger than the other dawgs at the vet that are my age or even younger.  My cousin Harley has been sporting a gray muzzle for a while (no offense, Harley) and she's a year younger than I am.  I'm just barely showing a few gray hairs on my face.  Much to my embarrassment, I did notice a few grays between my toes recently.  I guess I can't stay young forever.  [sigh]

Lucky for her, Grandma has kept her dark hair for longer than others her age.  She does have a decent amount of gray hair now, but she hasn't had to color it.  Mommy has been adding blonde highlights to her hair for a few years now.  She has a few gray hairs here and there, but I think her coloring is mostly for fashion's sake.  Covering up the gray hairs is just an added bonus.  Mommy is jealous of Aunt Holly's blonde hair which hasn't even begun to produce the color gray.  I'm sure Aunt Kelly's and Aunt Carol's hair will be the same way!  It's very frustrating for those of us with dark hair!

Mimi has been coloring her hair for longer than I've been alive (no offense, Mimi).  She passed on her premature gray genes to Daddy.  He lives by the Bible verse, "Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness" (Proverbs 16:31).  Any time anyone makes fun of his gray hair, he just points out that it's his SPLENDOR!  I think that's true for Mimi; I'm not always so sure about Daddy (no offense, Daddy).  Daddy also says his gray will turn to silver and be even more valuable!  We'll see, Daddy!

Perhaps Daddy's hair color is why he loves putting pepper on everything he eats?  We used to say he had salt and pepper hair.  The last time he had to renew his driver's license, the examiner simply wrote GRAY for hair color!  Such a disappointing day for Daddy.  He definitely has more salt than pepper on top.  Except on top of his food.  I think Grandma should look a little closer and take note: I am still clearly PEPPER!  Or even better, CHOCOLATE!!

Don't you agree?
Handsome Hunter

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