Friday, April 25, 2014

What's Cooking?

My sister is seriously obsessed with food!  Mommy made croutons last weekend with old bread, and it almost killed Jenna!  She stood guard the entire time.  She sat at Mommy's feet while the bread was being cut and seasoned.  Then she migrated a few feet to wait in front of the oven while they were being toasted.  She was relentless!

While reaching in to turn the croutons on the baking sheet, Mommy dropped one onto the oven door.  Thankfully, she hastily ordered Jenna to stay, followed by a very loud NO!  Otherwise I believe Jenna would have burned her tongue (among other parts of her body)!

She even waited on the kitchen rug while the croutons cooled . . . all the while hoping for a tiny morsel!

I can't believe we can't see drool dribbling from Jenna's mouth.  She tends to do that when she's waiting for food!  Being the nice person she is, Mommy tossed each of us a crouton before packing them away for later use.  Bless her heart!


PS: I had no idea the front of Mommy's oven was so dirty (probably from Jenna's drooling tongue) until I saw these pictures.  Also, for those of you who know Mommy well, you know the pictures of those towels hanging crooked is about to kill her!

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